Document Management

A good document management system is very important for your business

Since the advent of the personal computer in the workplace, the amount of information in organizations has increased drastically. It has become easier to create and store electronic documents and also the communication with electronic documents has increased. Overall, this means that the documents soon becomes difficult to grasp. It requires a plan and structure to create order in your organization's documentation.

The basic idea is to make it easy and efficient to manage information in your organization for the entire operation. But honestly, how does it look in your organization?

  • Is it easy to find relevant documents?
  • Do we know for sure which version of the document is applicable and where I can find the latest version?
  • Can all who need access the relevant information?

Documents are vital - there are invoices, contracts, templates, and a host of additional. Therefore, one should have a very strong document management system to manage them. We recommend that you save all of the organization's document here - even those that are not related to the business system such as pictures, general reports, etc.

The ability to distribute and share documents is inherent in our DMS. Documents may be retrieved by an authorized user and worked on, while access is blocked to other users while work is being performed on the document. Users may subscripe to one or multiple documents. When a document is subscribed to, both system and email notifications are sent to the subscriber with a link to the document when it is updated.

Get in touch with RT Solutions and we will customize a document management system for you!