Our Main Services

Right ERP system for you

In order for a business to work in the best way you have to find a solution that is specialized for the industry in which it is used. This saves the user from creating their own adaptations to the system.

Good document management and control is critical for your business

Documents are vital - there are invoices, contracts, templates, and a host of additional. Therefore, one should have a very strong document management system to manage them.

On-lin shop

To set up an on-line shop involves many steps - design, payment flow, products, etc. It is also very important that it looks good on any device the user might use to visit yout shop - be it a desktop computer or a mobile phone or tablet.

Mobile Applications
Today mobile devices are used to a larger extent than ordinary computers to surf on Internet and it is growing steadily.
We develop applications for mobile devices like phones and tablets. We work with Android and IOS.

Top Reasons to Work With Us

Many years
​of experience

RT solutions has been in this business for many years. We know all the piyfalls and will provide you with the optimal solution in a short time.

Work with
​most suitable tools

We work with dotNET or PHP. We also work with solutions involving javascript (with tools like jQuery) for responsive and fast sites.

Small company
personal attention

We are a very small company that work directly with our client. There is very little overhead and thus very low prices compared to bigger companies.