A Few Words About Us

About RT Solutions

RT solutions activity is focused on .NET and Web based solutions for small and medium size companies; it was started by Dr. Robert Tell during fall 2008. The founder's background can be summarized as follows:

He received a PhD from Chalmers (1981) in the area of fiber-optic communication technique. He developed a digital communication system for very high bit rates, based on fiber-optics and laser techniques, capable of transmitting data at 5 Gbit/s. Thereafter he was, during 3 years, guest researcher at Jet Propulsion Labs in Pasadena, California. There he worked with a project for NASA in the development of a data network prototype, based on fiber optics, for the international space station (ISS) – the successor of Skylab.

Working experience
After California (1984) and back in Sweden, he and two colleagues started the company Altoptronic AB. The business idea was to industrialize a product for gas analysis based on laser technique and fiber-optics. They were a good mix, with competence in those fields and in laser spectroscopy. They worked in Altoptronic with different partners until 2000 when the company was bought by Siemens, which asked him and his collegues to continue their roles in the German company. The product is today very successful and is delivered mainly to the power and the automotive industries for process control through selective and very accurate measurement of process parameters like for instance oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen chloride, etc.

His role in Altoptronic was devoted in the beginning to the fiber-optic aspect of the product. Later he got more involved in the internal processes as the company grew and the needs changed. He developed the business systems that today are of common use: a PPIC system (Production Planning and Inventory Control), a CRM system (Customer Relation Management) and a content management system. During this process he acquired a solid knowledge of what a small company requires from systems that should deal simultaneously with development, production, marketing and sales.

RT solutions
During spring 2008 Siemens decided to move this activity to Germany and he took the opportunity to continue with this kind of systems in a company of his own, thus founding RT solutions.

Purchase and adaption of commercial business systems is very expensive and often outside of the budget of small companies. It is in this segment that RT Solutions focuses. Bearing in mind the true requirements of small and medium size companies, knowledge acquired during his role in Altoptronic, and being himself an expert in web development and C# programming, he oriented his company to the development of dotnet and web based systems, aimed at simplifying installation and maintenance. The company makes an extensive use of such up-to-date technologies as AJAX, jQuery, SQL server and other sophisticated tools.